Cool iPhone cases: another layer of prevention

Modern technologies have proven to be very versatile and useful for daily life, especially in the field of communication where they allow us talking to people on the other side of the world in an instant. However, there is something that characterizes them; they are not built resistant to any type of abuse.

It is obvious that you should not hit, throw, submerge in water or get near fire your phone; but there are further subtle cares that general public ignore, unless you have specifically dedicated to learn about it:

  • Software: clean information periodically. Delete text messages, photos, conversations and apps that you will never use again. Do not make pirated modifications or installations, no matter how attractive the benefits are offered. This may merely void the warranty and leave the apparatus vulnerable to hackers.

As far as the battery life is concerned, which tends to be annoyingly short, it is necessary to explore deeply applications and configuration, reducing or disconnecting those that consume the maximum electricity amount, such as the screen brightness or animations.

  • Hardware: acquiring cool iPhone cases not only personalizes your device to your preferred style, but provides a layer against all kind of accidentally sudden and violent movements, as well as dust and splashes. Special reference should be made of protective screens that, although they look unsightly after a tiny period, are an invaluable measure, since a mobile that cannot be operated with fingers is basically useless.

Mentioning batteries once more does not expose them to high temperatures and humidity, like those from the bathroom or the kitchen. The best recommendation for recharging is to keep them connected at night.

Following these and other tips will guarantee, for sure, your equipment integrity for a long time, independently you cannot afford or do not want to buy a new one, because you have already found the perfect model.

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