Exercises to lift butts

Sports bra and leggings set for exercise

Almost every woman dreams of having the perfect body. They exercise daily and make diet plans in which they count calories to eliminate excess weight. Women’s physiognomy is totally opposite to men’s and that is why they need a special sports bra and leggings set to go to the gym.

The most difficult areas to work on a woman’s body are the buttocks and the higher arts. But there are a variety of routines, which if done properly help to strengthen and define the female silhouette.

What are the exercises to strengthen the buttocks?

The buttocks are the part every woman wants to look firm and round. You can work on it in different ways and in any place. There are a number of exercises and they include:

Hip elevation: the back must be placed against the floor and the lower body is lifted in 15 to 20 repetitions. You can modify the levels of difficulty by joining or opening your legs and raising your ankles.

Proper exercises to lift butts
Proper exercises to lift butts

Lifting the legs at right angles: this is similar to the previous position but the body is placed on its side. The leg should be lifted at a right angle, propelled by the other leg on the floor. Repetitions can vary from 15 to 30, depending on the resistance.

Squats with weight: this is a very effective exercise, but you must be careful to avoid injuries. You can use a 5 or 8 liter water bottle; it all depends on the capacity and resistance you have. The idea is to put your legs open, at shoulder level, to do the squat but holding the weight with your hands behind your head.

Take advantage of anything to exercise your butt

Squats one of the best exercises
Squats one of the best exercises

It’s not just at the gym that you can exercise your ass. If you take advantage of the elements you encounter every day, you will be strengthening your buttocks and getting more resistance. For example, if you have to go to work in your car, you can park a few blocks away so you can walk. Or, instead of taking the elevator, you can take the stairs

Wear the right clothes when you work out

Having the right clothing sport is not only important to look good, but also to keep your breasts and other body parts from being affected. Also, special sports bras have supports so that when you perform jumps or exercise routines they stay in place.

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