Train ticket to Valence, France: the best option for holidays

Vacations are here, an interval to relax and enjoy forgetting about job, responsibilities and fatigue of every single day. If you are planning what to do in summer let me tell you there are many alternatives. And perhaps you should try something different this year not taking a plane but buying a train ticket to Valence, France.

It is the door to the south of France, the gateway to the well-known Alps, a fascinating community located on the Rhone left bank along the railroad line connecting Paris to Marseille. Its inhabitants are called by a strange name: Valentinois and their incomes are mainly from farming, metallurgy, technology and electronics industries.

Its geographical location, ancient quarters, canals and abundant places to admire make of that beautiful Provencal village an impressing attraction for a lot of tourists each time. They are seduced by its enjoyable existence with terraces protected by banana tree shades and delightful gastronomic plates. Its cuisine includes caillette, prealp lambs, “tomme” cheese and aromatic melons.

You would not miss going to Valentia, its first name, given to the Roman colony established there near two millennia ago. Its meaning in Latin is “vigorous city”. Once in Valence you must visit downtown including relevant buildings:

  • The Cathedral of Saint-Appolinaire which was built in the XI century.
  • The House of the Heads of 1530, a Gothic style structure decorated with several sculptures carved on the façade representing wind, fortune, theology, law and medicine.
  • The Museum of Fine Arts in the old episcopal palace possesses an opulent and diverse collection of
    • Prehistoric and Gallo-roman archeology.
    • Mosaics of the famous works of Hercules and Orpheus.
    • The most important examples of Hubert Robert art (1733-1808).

Therefore next period of freedom is recommended you take yourself and your family to Valence, a historic-artistic town that offers numerous attractive spaces to its visitors.

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