3 New Year’s Resolutions to write in your list

The end of the year is just around the corner, and it is important to make a recap of everything that we did durign 2017 to know what do we want to do in 2018. This is the perfect time for looking back and planning forward, so here are some ideas that you can consider to your list:


Spend more time with your family

This is the best that you can do, make some plans with your family and forget everything else. Maybe a trip together is a good idea, so organize and check timing, book in one of the hotels in Santo Domingo, pack your beach clothes and enjoy quality time with your love ones. Sometimes we do not value to the people who is around us until is too late, do not let that happen.


Ejoy Life

Millions of people live in constant stress because of their jobs and other responsabilities, but sometimes it is important to forget everything about our daily routine in order to develop a happier and healthier versión of us, try to do diffent things than the usual; go to the theater, walk in the park, or go for a coffee with an old friend. Not everything in life is to work and pay bills, once in a while enjoy the little things.


Learn something new

How many new things did you learnt in the past year? Perhaps you want to speak a different lenguage or play the piano, or maybe cooking is one of your favorite hobbie so this is what you must do this year. Look for the perfect program and sign up, don’t be shy, this could be an opportunity to make some new friends. We assure you that this wiil be fun.


Everything that you plan for next year do it! It is never a bad time to change our lives.